Lent Term and Catch-up

Today is the end of the first week of Lent Term at LSE and it is the same as last term, except that exams are more imminent.

I haven't really been mentioning what I've been up to, so here's a run-down. I went to St. James Park for New Years and saw the fireworks display that took place at the London Eye. It was surreal to watch fireworks on an occasion that wasn't the Fourth of July. Even more surreal was seeing every single person on the tube with a bottle or more in hand. I love this country! No paper bags, just out and proud, if you will. St. James Park wasn't too crowded and it was nice to have our own space for the countdown to midnight. It did feel weird to be entering 2008 in London and it rolled in with more of a sigh than a shout, if that makes sense.

What else? I read two books over break, which should be shocking and terrifying to those that know me, and possibly speaks of my desperation for mental stimulation. Unfortunately or fortunately, my health has returned just in time for the Lent term. So I wasn't able to take advantage of my break like I wanted to, but at least I'm better for school. My cousin Matt has been in town, so I'm once again donning the my fanny pack (figuratively) and visiting the sites. I revisited some favorites and seen some newbies. I have finally visited St. Paul's and climbed to the top (only 8.50 pounds to climb 500+ stairs), which was well worth the exercise. I'm not one for boring scenery photos, but I had to post them since it was such a clear, blue day.

We also visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was as enjoyable as any other museum until we stumbled across the gigantic casts of Trajan's Column from Rome. Holy mother, it was huge. I also recognized some pieces from my Art History class, which is always slightly gratifying. My uncle and Matt treated me to multiple meals and pints all week, and we also saw Spamalot, the Monty Python musical. I've been spoiled by the two of them, so next week will be the real re-entry into the routine of school.

Anyways... I've run on. Exciting things coming up are: the Gtown vs. UConn game tomorrow, Van Morrison at the Hammersmith Apollo, and finally Lightspeed Champion at Rough Trade Records. Talk to you soon.