London Music... and Lots of Links

I've finally stumbled upon the local London music scene, particularly the anti-folk scene which is teeming with talented artists I've begun to obsess over. I obsess over finding mp3s, then YouTube videos, then local shows, etc. I had been beginning to feel "old," in that I seemed to like few new bands surfacing in the past year. But hope has arrived in the form of Noah & the Whale, Laura Marling, Jeremy Warmsley, Emmy the Great, and Jaymay. They are all London-based (yet another reason London is great) and I'm already marking my calendar for their shows.

Another find that's kept me up until dawn... the Black Cab Sessions, not to be confused with HBO's racier Taxi Cab Confessions. Basically, musicians passing through London are filmed performing a song (usually) unplugged in the back of a cab. Check out the website for some cool performances, my favorites being The New Pornographers, The Raveonettes, Noah & the Whale/Laura Marling, St. Vincent, and the Daniel Johnston videos.

This post seemingly belongs on my other blog, Touch My Clickwheel, but it's somewhat relevant. Hooray for music! I also love the Juno soundtrack and flaunt the fact that they used two of my favorite Belle & Sebastian songs. Alas... the actual movie doesn't come out in London until February. Good things come to those who wait I suppose.