Roy. Roy, Roy, Roy.

"Roy Hibbert knew it.His Georgetown teammates and coach John Thompson III knew it.Now Connecticut and the rest of the country knows it, too."

After work tonight, I hustled over to Bodeans BBQ near Picadilly Circus to catch the Georgetown vs. UConn game with my work friend Ed, a basketball enthusiast. I was excited to a.) actually see a Georgetown basketball game instead of reading ESPN's live Gamecast and b.) to show Ed how awesome it is to root for Georgetown in a room full of Hoyas.

I was a little surprised by how many Georgetown kids that actually showed up for the game, but it created a perfect atmosphere for the nail-biter of a game that ensued. We were up for most of the first half, but never really held a comfortable lead. The second half caused Duke-level nervousness for me, probably owing to the fact that I haven't seen Gtown play in over 9 months. I was biting my hands and screaming and shaking people next to me for exciting plays and it felt like I was home. I should've taken out my ATM card and waved it during half-time for old time's sake.

Roy's three-pointer, which you should all read about when it is more thoroughly praised on, was possibly the most dramatic finish I've ever seen in my time watching Gtown basketball. Sure, it didn't mean as much as Jeff Green's shot against Vandy to enter the Elite 8, but it was perfect. The night ended, as it should, with the Georgetown Fight Song. Ahhh, college sports. This is what Europe lacks, in addition to actual dedication to academics (slightly exaggerated, but not completely).

It certainly wasn't the best game we played this season, but it was the perfect game to watch in London to remind me why I love Georgetown.