Catholic Reflections and Such

I just wrote what was supposed to be a review of a music performance at a church, but it ended up being a scathing indictment of Catholicism (read: Pope Benedict XVI). I'm feeling pretty satisfied for a Friday night.

Sorry to everyone for not blogging in two weeks. I had an onslaught of assignments and a new mutation of my four-week cold following my Spring Break in LA. Now I am down to the nitty gritty of graduating. My three major projects are 1.) my NPR-style radio piece; 2.) my new song; and 3.) my thesis for Political Economy.

While parts of each one can be pleasantly gratifying, all together they can be frustrating. I traveled to St. Augustine's Church at 15th and V Streets twice in the past week to observe mass and record some live sound. I also walked around the surrounding historic district, Strivers' Section (picture above). It's been quite a long time since I've set foot in a Catholic Church, omitting cultural tourism of course. It was a surreal experience in that everything was so familiar there. I was sucked into a world where I felt comfortable, where I knew what happened next. If I was magically reactivating my Catholicism, I would go to St. Augustine's each week. Their Gospel Choir and Chorale are fantastic, and I've never before felt so welcomed in a new place. That said, I couldn't help but scribble all my frustrations about the Catholic Church in my notebook during the homily. My views about the Church haven't changed, but my views of the people in the Church have. For now, I'm treating Catholicism like a plate of horsdourves . I'll take what I like and spit out the rest. Bad analogy?

In my last post, I wrote that my dream job exists. Well, it may exist, but it's not easy to get. I knew that before, but the point is being hammered home each and every day. I go through waves of confidence and inspiration. Meet one person one day and soar on a high of hope. One week later, I'm back down on earth and sifting through the realities of post-graduation unemployment.

My house has been afflicted with the jobless blues, and it's been pretty noticeable. Each week, we prop one another up in our down times. The next week, it's someone else that needs some cheering up. I may be biased here, but we are some kick ass ladies. We are pre-med English majors, Nursing majors that have delivered babies, and Culture & Politics majors that know the location and independence date of countries I have never even heard of. And of course, I am a Political Economy and Music major. We are amazing.

Easter Break is just around the corner. Thank you, Catholic education. I'll be heading up to Boston for some family time. For all those are unfortunate enough to work on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, remember: the Pope hates condoms. I don't get it either...