Post-Spring Break Recap

I'm back from LA and in a brief reflection, let me sum up the things I've learned:

1.) My dream job exists, and it exists in many forms. Whew.

2.) I can make my fortune in NYC rather than LA and still pursue my dream job.

3.) I'm a badass driver.*

*with the aid of a GPS device

I went to LA fearing that I'd be told it was the only place where I'll have the chance to work in music. True, LA is THE epicenter of film, so film music probably won't be an opportunity outside of LA. But NYC is a mecca for music and even tv, and I was encouraged by many head haunchos that I could find success in NYC. Massive sigh of relief.

LA is not an unfriendly place. I exchanged smiles with more strangers than I can remember and even had a random chat or two with Assistants and and fellow lost wanderers in parking garages. However, more than NYC, I feel that LA is a place where a book is judged by its cover. Look cool or die trying. I'm sure many do.

I loved that LA had guitar shops everywhere. Guitar Center, Sam Ash, McCabe's, and more! McCabe's didn't have the ukulele of my dreams, but it did have an Irish bouzouki. When I saw The Magnetic Fields perform at Lisner Auditorium, Stephen Merritt used a string instrument that sounded clangy like a mandolin but resounded like a guitar. And now (hurrah!) I know its name. Bouzouki, be mine? After I get a job, after I get a job.

Speaking of music, I posted a new song on my Myspace that I actually recorded with Pro Tools and some decent gear. Some of it was recorded or written in haste, but I'm overall happy with it. I'm seeing two nights of the Georgetown's Festival In-Residence "Schubert, Schubert, Schubert" concert this weekend. It's apparently a big deal and features the Auryn Quartet. I'm excited to hear some Haydn live!

Alright. Back to the grind. After next Tuesday, I hope to follow through on promises to hang out with people! Get ready.