Hell Week

I've been off the blogosphere for a bit, but if you're on Twitter, you know that I'm far from absent from the internet. I'll be fully back on the radar in a few days. And I mean, back. This semester handed me a whoopin', and I plan to enjoy whatever Senior Spring is left.

This week is surely the most demanding of my college career in terms of projects and tests, but I have survived so far with decent amounts of sleep. I took my second test of the week today, the very last test of my Georgetown career! I shook hands with my professor in congratulatory celebration. I completed one of my audio projects on Sunday, which you can listen to on MySpace Music. Check it out if you're curious and haven't already seen it on facebook and Twitter.

All I have left is my radio doc on Strivers' Section/St. Augustine's and my thesis. I'm trying to keep up the momentum. Friday = salvation.

I will cease with the boring recap, but hopefully I'll be blogging about something of interest next time. Emotions about unemployed graduation? Hopefully, I'll be blogging out life as an intern. I'm crossing my fingers.