From Yonkers

I am 25 minutes from leaving for the airport and there must be a lot of things I haven't done. But that's okay. I'm ready. Sooooooooo ready. I'm currently listening to the Touch My Clickwheel show at and it's possibly the most wonderful way to leave the United States. It's my first time listening to it and may I say that we (yes, I'm claiming it for myself too) are hilarious and interesting and have amazing song choices.

I'm kind of in a bad mood pre-leaving the U.S. which is spurring my enthusiasm for London, but I will blame it on the swollen, tumorous lymph nodes on my left side... AND the packing. So... beware London. I'm possibly bringing mononucleosis across the pond (but hopefully not). Ok, some may think I've wasted my last minutes on the internet but I don't agree. I've updated my facebook (which I irrationally wiped clean) and established an identity so LSE people can at least judge me properly (I will judge you). And here I am updating this blog. Also, I changed my voicemail greeting. Woo. Ok, that's enough. Talk to you soon from across the pond. I will continue to overuse that phrase.