I can shampoo, rinse, and pee all at once! All in my tiny bathroom cubicle. When I first turned on the water, I thought, "Maybe this shower curtain will work." No. The water was basically going into the toilet, so I had to put the seat down. The mysterious water stains outside the bathroom door are no longer mysterious: they're from water leakage, which short showers will hopefully limit.

I'm a little overwhelmed by moving to London, mostly because I don't have everything all under control. I've blown a fuse twice now, despite following directions on the pamphlet, etc. I give up on that, because I can't bear to hear the fateful *POP* again and have to walk down and ask them to reset it. Having an aunt who lives here and my mom to help me are immeasurable luxuries. A car. Amen. People to buy me toilet paper and dinner? Oh. my. god. At least I can speak English. I've already been frustrated with the LSE housing staff not knowing how to help me with plugs, the internet, etc. Thank God I have the internet right now or I would be flipping out. The internet is my comfort, my connection to the world and my former life. I have only had 2 hours of sleep in the past 24 hours and I need rest. It's 8:45PM London time. Did I mention that my room overlooks the entrance to The Atlas, the on-site student pub? I hear the dull hum of conversation.

I've met no one here so far, but I don't care. I was too tired to make a good first impression and I'm feeling good about going to sleep. First entry complete. I'm a bit frantic about meeting up with other Georgetown LSE people and man, I wish I was in High Holborn Hall with Jared and JP.