Two Entries in One Day, Too Many

After I wrote the entry below, I napped for about 3 hours. It was much needed, because I've had two early lectures in a row now. I was 10 minutes late to one and 20 minutes late to the other thanks to the bus system. Apparently, during rush hour when buses fill up, drivers stop but decide not to open their doors to let in more passengers. And so I waited and waited while time ticked away. It wasn't that bad to be late for the first lectures, although I was sitting in a chair outside the classroom for Political Economy unable to see the board. It was really refreshing to see that Political Economy is based on the contributions of Alexander Hamilton and James Madison though. Thank you, America.

Today was a day of rest post-4PM. But I have had zero human interaction since then and I've gone on a spree of looking for cheap season passes of tv shows to buy on Itunes. Itunes is a glorious thing in the UK, because I can still buy things in US dollars AND I'm spending a gift card. Anyways. I think this is as deep as my homesickness (for DC) goes. I just crave the ability to watch American TV whenever I wish and unfortunately for me, I'm provided with an inadequate web connection for downloading torrents and can't stream in the UK. TV and movies and the internet have been my link to normalcy. I have already watched Something's Gotta Give twice, in 20 minute increments, and Notting Hill one and a half times.

I was hoping to sleep in tomorrow, but I feel compelled to meet my faculty mentor and his office hours, or should I say hour, is 9:30-10:30 on Wednesday. I guess it will force me to start my day early, even though I have no classes or lectures. Traveling to school is definitely an adjustment, but I think it's a good segue into the "real world." See you later.