Blogging High

I'm on a blogging high right now, because Matt from You Ain't No Picasso has just commented on the Touch My Clickwheel blog! More than likely, you're not sharing in my enthusiasm. BUT for some perspective, realize that YANP was my first blog love, my first introduction to mp3 blogs, and the inspiration for the TMC blog. I don't know much about Matt, YANP's creator, but he's my pseudo-anonymous peer role model. Was that too many adjectives?

I'm a Political Economy major with seemingly unrelated career aspirations, and blogging has kept my dreams close to mind. Hence my excitement when one of my favorite bloggers stumbles across my meager website.

At Georgetown, students perceived as ambitious are usually reaching for investment banking and finance... for Lehman Brothers, for Merrill Lynch, for AIG, etc. Idealists and dreamers are seeking their fortunes elsewhere in "less serious" fields. With the sudden collapse and rescue of the aforementioned companies, I feel reassured in pursuing my passions. There's no guaranteed money anywhere anymore, so why not go for what I want?

To be fair, I'm writing this before my potentially epic job search, but I still feel excited about the journey ahead. Alright. I promise my next post will be... less hopeful? Well, I can't promise. Until then...