A few things I've come to appreciate in London:

1. Phone calls and texts: Every text, every call is like an affirmation! You feel good that people are actually willing to pay upwards of 20 cents a minute/text to speak to YOU.

2. Solid deodorant: Solid roll-on is vastly superior to liquid roll-on.

3. American television/movies: This one comes with a little bit of shame, as I must admit that Gossip Girl has been a constant companion while abroad. Other favorites of the year are movies Stranger Than Fiction and Something's Gotta Give.

4. Reading: Who woulda' thunk? Semi-notorious as a non-reader among friends, I actually had time to read for pleasure here in London. Favorite reads of the year? Giovanni's Room and The World According to Garp (re-read).

5. Podcasts: The "commute" to school had a large role in my slow but steady addiction to podcasts. Favorites include the Savage Love Podcast and NPR's Bryant Park Project.

6. Buses: Much more enjoyable than the tube, the bus is a scenic and usually pleasant journey from Point A to B with unlimited people/things to stare at along the way.

7. Google Reader: This blog aggregator is my own personal newspaper each day.

8. Tea: I became a tea-drinker due to laziness (the preparation of coffee is slightly more labor intensive) and budget constraints, but I continue to drink tea for its own merits.

9. Pubs: Relaxing, social, and often ornate in decor.

10. Pounds sterling: No, not the exchange rate. I'm particularly fond of the pound coins.

11. Local music: "You know that band you read about on that blog?" -"Yeah... they're playing at Rough Trades. I'm seeing them for free."

12. Free time: Do anything you want. Anytime you want. All the time.

Alright. One more to go!