The Last 2 Months, In Summary

Hello! Almost 2 months have gone by since writing a real post. (Let's face it. The last one was basically self-plagiarism, if that can be a thing.) I can barely remember what I've been up to without consulting my Google Calendar. So I looked back over the past few weeks, and man, it's been busy.

Google Calendar

In May, I went up to Long Beach Island, NJ for a weekend retreat. I attended the SweetLife Festival, where I donned rain pants, jacket, and beanie to see Crystal Castles' 20-minute set (also, other less exciting bands). I saw The Antlers and Paul Simon in concert. I saw the Bridesmaids at the movies. At work, I produced a piece on Death Cab for Cutie's new album, Codes and Keys (after interviewing Ben Gibbard and Chris Walla in May.)

Plymouth Pilgrims

In June, I saw The Lonely Forest/Death Cab for Cutie, Smith Westerns/Yeasayer, and Bahamas/Noah & the Whale in concert. I saw my second Woody Allen movie ever, Midnight in Paris -- much better than 2003's Anything Else. I saw adventure photographer Jimmy Chin speak at National Geographic HQ and was inspired to start climbing again. Confession: I have still not gone climbing since that surge of inspiration. I interviewed Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and produced this piece on his new self-titled release. And to round out a great month, I travelled to Duxbury, MA for a mini-reunion weekend of eating, walking, sitting, and more eating. Oh, and of course we stopped by a photo store in Plymouth to take some authentic Pilgrim photos.

Also in the past two months, I stayed awake for 24 hours or more on four separate occasions. I revisited my guitar and finally donned the running shoes again. I begrudgingly joined the world of smart phones after my phone died. And, to preempt the imminent death of my beat-up Schwinn, I purchased a new bike.

Maybe that's not even busy for the average person?

The big news, though, is my return to DAYS after 9 months working nights! I'm already fantasizing about happy hours, dinners with friends, and Sunday afternoons. But a part of me will also miss the overnite: the people, the built-in excuse to do my own thing at all times, and my midday dog park excursions with Amos. Am I still socially competent enough to function during the day? We'll find out. Hopefully more posts in the future.

Batsh*t Crazy

Sorry for lack of posts, readers. I have been swamped with too much activity, and I'm feeling the poise I had first semester melt away. I've hung in there so far, but I don't think I can inch so closely to due dates for much longer. The work is not too hard, far from it. It's just too much.

I am an advocate of working from home. I churn out my best writing and complete my most focused reading sitting at my desk in front of my lap top. I can talk to myself out loud (a pseudo- only child syndrome), I can snack whenever I want to, and I can listen to music without headphones. I listen to soothing study music; music that comforts me or reminds me of my past. This semester, my ch'i (qi) has been interrupted. Two of my classes require I leave the sanctity of my room to complete assignments in the production studio. Another two require I complete listening assignments of music that neither calms me nor reminds me of anything aside for the homework I yet to complete. In addition, I'm writing a thesis I have trouble caring about. I live due date to due date with little inspiration in between. And it's not that I don't want to care. It's that there is no time to care.

I am not at peace! I am away from my cozy house for more hours in a day than I prefer. I'm completing assignments that take hours each, as I fiddle with software, microphones, and plead with the Gelardin Media Library staff. It's not that I didn't know that I'd have listening assignments or that I'd have to use the Production Studio when I signed up and decided to go for the double major. It's that I didn't sum these things up. I didn't anticipate how, combined, they would drive me crazy.

What keeps me sane are nights in. After 9 hours of work on a Saturday, I'd rather watch some tv than go out. St. Elmo's Fire on Hulu. Downloading episodes of The L Word. Playing some guitar. I went out last night, and I had fun. I regret not seeing friends more often. I know time is short, but I'm going crazy. I must spend more time at home. If I'm in my room, I am not doing nothing. I am recuperating. I am watching You've Got Mail. I am wearing my high school sweat pants. I am doing everything.

Don't worry, readers. I'm doing fine and even doing fun things. I saw Les Mis for the first time on Friday for my housemate's birthday! I went to amazing DC Policy Day put on by Future of Music Coalition! I'll be back talking about fun things soon. Until then... I'm crazy.