I'm Alive

Short update. Things are looking up, since I met a few other Georgetown kids who live in my residence hall. So now, I don't have to dread figuring out to get back all by myself. My area isn't the greatest and it's just not comforting to be lost (or just not completely sure of where you're going) and alone. Today, following an extremely long-winded introduction by our Canadian dean to the General Course, I caught dinner at a pub called The Monument... right by the monument. I don't know what the monument is called, but it's near Tower Bridge and commemorates the Great Fire. You can barely tell what it is because it's surrounded by scaffolding and net at the moment. I ordered a sandwich and a half-pint of Guinness. Then I was carded. Carded in Europe. So that was a little funny. The Guinness was so good compared to the Guinness that I briefly tasted on St. Patrick's Day last year at Georgetown. Mmmm. The amazingness was somewhat overshadowed by how sick I felt though. I had a bad headache and was wondering how I would survive 4 hours on a boat, my next activity. But I decided to tough it out and luckily I did, or I would still no zero people from Sidney Webb House. That is all for now. I am so incredibly tired.