Signs of Aging

Though I'm a ripe 22-years-old less than a year out of college, I've noticed some alarming signs of aging. For example:

One year ago, I watched TV. Not only did I watch live TV, but I watched TV online. Hell, I watched bad TV online.

Now, I watch the The Rachel Maddow Show and occasionally reruns of Seinfeld. Sometimes I turn on Lost, only to find that a.) I have no idea what's going on and b.) it gives me anxiety. Thanks to the deluxe cable package, I also watch movies I've already seen. In one week, I tuned in to snippits of The Reader, Schindler's List, Blackhawk Down, and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas before realizing that I had seen three Holocaust films too many.

One year ago, sleeping in meant after noon.

Now, it means after 9AM.

One year ago, the word "splurge" applied to shoes, t-shirts, concert tickets, and similar items.

Now, it means buying meat at the grocery store.

One year ago, going out meant pre-gaming at the house and leaving by 11PM.

Now, it means having an after-work beer and getting home before 11PM.