"Sexiest Passengers" Travel Northern Line

Ahem, I travel on/live on the Northern Line. So this article is absolutely factual and appropriate for posting. Eat your hearts out, Central Line snobs!

Here's the article from the Londonist or read it here.

Between Morden and High Barnet travel the sexiest passengers on the network according to the results of Qype's Love on the Tube survey.

About 300 people completed the cheeky survey and the prevailing wisdom is the Northern Line's where it's at for ‘spiky-haired indie kids’ and ‘hot City types’. Unsurprisingly, no mention of the swollen handed alcoholics or the billion tourists who get on between Waterloo and Leicester Square.

Dowdiest is the Hammersmith and City line, which seems a little unfair considering it also has its share of 'hot City types' and runs through to uber-cool and good looking Ladbroke Grove.

Still, half of the respondents claim to have tried to jump someone underground, which is something to be proud of, although 90% admit to a totally loss of balls in such a situation and lament 'missed moments'.

Saddest of all though, are some of the truly terrible chat up lines that people have heard on the tube, including “Stand back honey, I would hate to see you get hurt” and “Would you like to ‘get off’ here with me?”

Um. No.