Jen's Visit

Here's a story. So I mentioned to my mom that I was going to a Polish Vodka Party on Thursday night (but that I'd take it easy). Based on past events of Christmas '05, she told me to be careful and to let her know I was okay afterward. Of course I forgot to email her so I get an email on Friday with a subject of "How was the Vodka party??" with no body text. Haha.

Turns out I didn't go to the vodka party. The only reason I was going was to maintain social ties to the rock climbing society people. Being a beginner (read: shitty rock climber), I can't really bond with people just based on rock climbing. So I look to other things... like vodka. Anyways, we just went to a pub, because the music at the Polish thing was ultra-eurotrashy and we weren't feeling it. Perhaps if I was armed with a glowstick or two and put on a Zoolander face, I could get into the vibe. Not this time.

I started off the week a little behind on work and was kind of rushing to catch up the whole time. I had my first day at Ellis Brigham on Wednesday and that was okay, not amazing. I hope it gets better, because I was bored out of my mind and wished they would train people more efficiently.

Work plus feeling like I was coming down with a cold meant I didn't go rock climbing. Jen, a close friend from Pres, was visiting this weekend AND of course, I'm going to Dublin on Tuesday, so I didn't really want to push my body. But here I am on a Sunday clearing my throat and breathing through a congested nose. It could be worse. I still feel up for traveling, but I just need to continue taking it easy.

I was really excited for Jen's visit, since we never see each other during the school year (and sometimes summer) when I'm at Georgetown. We saw the sites with Jared: Notting Hill again, Parliament and Big Ben, St. Bride's and St. Paul's, and then to a historic pub or two. Highlights include cupcakes at Notting Hill (see above) and finding a Banksy work (above as well) near the flea market part. Unexpected and cool. Alright. I'm off to do some work... eventually. Hope everyone is well.