Hooded Sweatshirt

Somehow, I only feel at home in a place in which I own a hooded sweatshirt sporting its name. Presentation High School. Georgetown. Now LSE. I'm not quite at home yet, but I'm getting there. London is less scary. My neighborhood is less scary. I went to Brick Lane (I think) and had amazing Indian food near the Liverpool Street tube stop. It was my first tube ride alone, since I've been taking the bus everywhere and I made it confidently and successfully. The food was great. I had lamb korma and chicken tandoori with a pint of cider. Mmmmm good. The company was even better, all Georgetown friends from D6 (Darnall 6th floor, my freshman stomping ground). I know it sounds exclusive and unadventurous, but it really has been very difficult to meet British students or even just plain LSE students. I've met some General Course students here and there, but no one who I've stuck with. Back to where we ate... Women and men on Brick Lane stand outside their restaurants and try to coax you in with 30% off deals or free pints, etc. It's weird with everyone trying to convince you to eat. But the place we ended up choosing was good.

After eating, we met up with a group of General Course students on a pub crawl through Southbank. This was nice, because I live on Southbank (South of the Thames, rather than North) and returning home at night was less of a hassle. We walked through London along the Thames and made our way South, stopping at three pubs. I can't remember their names except for the last one, The George. I had a half pint of Peroli at the first, a half pint of... something at the second, and a pint of Guinness at the George. I was carded at the George. Sigh. Alright. I am exhausted and am going to the Freshers' Fair early tomorrow... so good night. This was my attempt at a life summary.