Final Exam Attire

You know... if I had known about the King's College Maughan library earlier, I would've been a hell of a lot more studious this year. My little bedchamber is crippling to motivation and conducive to laziness, so it's pretty essential I finally found a better study venue.

Finals exams makes me think of sweat pants, hoodies, glasses, coffee. Yet I show up the library fairly well-rested, at least wearing jeans and wondering if I even need a cup of coffee. Other people are wearing dresses and skirts and heels and are looking normal. Where are all the chain smokers that look like they haven't slept in days? Where are the people who haven't showered or brushed their hair since their last final?

I've been wearing my Pres(entation High School) sweats to at least one final since my freshman year of high school. I guess this'll be the year where I break from the trend.