Expelled from Facebook?

I was just brainstorming a bit to come up with an idea for a post. I thought about winter break and the upcoming semester. I considered the job hunt that lay ahead. And then I decided to check facebook. I was met with this!
Comedian Michael Ian Black recently posted a rant, "Hey Facebook, What the Fuck?," about the shutdown of his account. He writes:

"How am I supposed to receive invitations to events to which I have no interest in attending? How am I supposed to keep up with what various high school students I have never met are doing? How am I supposed to install and then uninstall various applications because they are annoying?"

He pokes fun at the excessiveness of facebook, and there's definitely some truth in it. I, however, am not the pillar of strength of Michael Ian Black. I need my event invitations; they're good reminders. I need birthday notifications; I don't have that stuff written down on paper. I immediately emailed facebook to politely yet firmly demand the enabling of my account. I demanded justice! After some googling, I discovered that there's been a wave of disabled facebook accounts. So perhaps... I will have to live without facebook for a while.

My expulsion from facebook has prompted a deep and philosophical reflection: What does facebook mean to me? It means having a photographic record of my entire college career, albeit of poor pixel quality. It means photo-stalking people from high school whom I've lost touch with. It means publicizing my radio podcasts. It can even mean finding out if that girl on the rugby team is gay (she probably is).

I hope that my facebook account is restored, but if not, I bid farewell to facebook and my 390-something facebook friends. It's a shame too, because at least a hundred of them were real...

Alternate theory: my facebook got hacked, prompting the closing of my account. Did anyone receive bogus messages or wall posts from my account? Please let me know!