American music

I was having lunch at this cheap-ish sandwich place in the Covent Garden area sipping my white Cafe Americano, the closest thing to regular coffee at most places, and reading an article called "Too Funny to Fuck" in the newspaper when I heard the opening of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me." These factors combined to create momentary euphoria and I remembered, although I had not actually forgotten, that I love life. These life-loving moments of mine are almost always accompanied by a song.

What else? I got a call from another outdoor company and scheduled an interview so, if for some reason the first doesn't come through, I have a back-up. I feel pretty good about how all my classes are going. Everything seems learnable, except for Development Economics which is one big uphill battle. I feel a tad out of my league in many ways, mostly because everyone in the class has already taken Econometrics, but I think I can rise to the occasion rather than failing miserably.

Check out this video of our LSE Rock Climbing Captain on this weekend's climbing trip. Now... I still don't know much about climbing but I'm learning to climb 4a's, 4b's, and 4c's. She's climbing a 7a+. Norwegians... man. I'm secretly aiming to get good enough to go on the climbing trip to Morocco this winter, but I'm realistic: 7a's are not in my sights.