Back on the (Happiness) Horse

It's a good sign I haven't written here in a while because it means I'm happy. Happiness is boring to write about, or at least, I think I don't write well when I'm happy. So here goes nothing. 

I just wrapped up a "bachelorette" weekend in Arizona for a close friend. I use quotes, because my weekend was as far as you can get from the bachelorette parties you see in the movies. We drank good coffee, ate great food, visited botanical gardens and ancient ruins, hiked the beautiful Red Rocks, got massages, and just caught up on our lives. We also went to bed before 10pm and slept 8-10 hours each. (I should mention that all three of us are under 30.)

View from Soldiers Pass hike in Sedona

View from Soldiers Pass hike in Sedona

Sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for myself about how few friends I have in St. Louis (not counting the coworkers who would have my back in a hot second). But trips like these -- with people who operate on the same wavelength as I do and who make feeling joy so effortless -- remind me of how lucky I am. 

In the case of friends, quality can trump quantity. Quality can even trump proximity. I may not get to see my closest friends all that often, but I will ride (revisit) this feeling until we meet again.