I'm 1.5 days into the two weeks I'll be spending on the East Coast before my departure to London. What can I say... I'm tired. Flying East is always worse than West. I went to sleep at 11PM EST, which is strange considering I'd been going to bed at 1 or 2AM PST. I'm off to Boston tomorrow and have unpacked from California, packed for Boston/DC for the most part, sorted through things, and half-packed for London. When will packing end? Very, very soon.

Not much to say here, except that I am itching to have a space of my own for a year. I cannot wait until I don't have to move or pack again. I've said that repeatedly but it's wearing down on me. But I will say that through all the moving around, I've been very well taken care of by my lodgers of sorts. It's a little bit bittersweet that the fall season is upon us, but as I discussed with Kate, it's mostly because my wardrobe is suited for summer. And by not suited... I mean... I adapt to winter by wearing my coat over my sweatshirt over my short-sleeve t-shirt with jeans over long underwear. Maybe a beanie thrown in there. Alright, I'm all out of words because I made two posts on my other blog (related to my Gtown radio show) Touch My Clickwheel today. See you for now.