The Nightlife

It's 9:15AM. While the rest of you are heading to work or at work already, my weekend has already begun. I'm in my PJs, watching a movie, and drinking a glass of red wine. It's a small pleasure of my new schedule. I'm only two weeks in, but it's really hard to believe there are months more to go. Don't get me wrong -- I like the work, and it was surprisingly easy to transition to sleeping during the day. But the schedule is a bit devastating for relationships of all kinds. I do well alone. I like my "me" time. I have hobbies and interests that I'm happy to pursue in my free time. But when this -- movies, books, music, podcasts --  is all I have, it becomes isolating.

When I was adjusting to life in London, I felt the same way. I distinctly remember grabbing onto a quote I read from Into the Wild. "Happiness is only real when shared." It rang true for me then, and it rings true for me now.

There's still plenty of adjusting to do. I haven't mastered the perfect schedule of wakefulness/sleep, but I'm hoping I'll get there.

I leave you with my favorite track of the moment: "You" by Gold Panda. Happy Friday.