The Lowdown Pt 2 and a Tangent

After realizing that the piece of paper I mailed to LSE was some kind of unnecessary formalized process for making you think that they're involved with the class selection process, I chose new classes online. Now I'm signed up for:

1. Development Economics
2. Political Economy (where I actually get to learn what my Georgetown major means...)
3. Intro to Econometrics
4. Latin America and the International Economy

Choosing classes for geeky people like myself is one of the most exciting parts of going to school, so forgive me for repeated postings on the subject. A Georgetown friend of mine is in all of these, so I'll have some comfort that I won't be suffering alone (solidarity, woot). I'm a little bit scared of Intro to Econometrics, although I can be thankful that I don't have to take it with the infamous Westbrook at Georgetown. Political Economy looks... interdisciplinary? I'm hoping for less theory and more application, please God. Development Econ looks like it might be the biggest challenge. And finally, Latin America and the International Economy looks like a breath of fresh air.

I'm reading this book called Imagined London: A Tour of the World's Greatest Fictional City by Anna Quindlen and it's giving me a little flavor of my future home. Admittedly, some of the literary references are flying right over my head, but I like it anyway. I wouldn't call it the best book to introduce me to London, but bookstore travel sections are full of crap. I don't want to know what walks to take in London or a travel guide. I want to know about it, it's history and its anecdotes, with a hint of suggestion for places to visit. That proved to be a tall order, so I settled with this book.

What has this summer done to me? Reading a book about London? That's not really me. I read books for school and occasionally picked up a leisure book during summer, but I was put to shame by my housemates. The four girls of my house (sorry, not the boys) read books with an appetite that I've never really seen before. Ayn Rand? Sure... just for fun. So I, in order to preserve my faux-intellectual ego, read with them. Granted, not Ayn Rand, but read nevertheless. So here I am continuing my "habit." Any London-ish suggestions? Please. Not Londonistan.