Sunday Funday

Here's some good ol' Americana to start off the week.

Interestingly, Old Crow Medicine Show actually shares the songwriting credits for "Wagon Wheel" with Bob Dylan. O.C.M.S leader Ketch Secor wrote the song after hearing Dylan mumble a melody, which he then completed, in one of many recordings in his Bob Dylan collection.

The weekend has been a good one. After two weeks off, I made a triumphant return to Patagonia. I was surrounded by glorious new fall product and, more importantly, glorious co-workers who make working on a Saturday enjoyable.

I ventured to the Volta public pool, a bizarre place where fit 18-25 year-old's outnumber children and foreigners outnumber Americans. A public pool! Only in Georgetown...

Finally, I took a trip down memory lane via Nintendo64 with classics like Goldeneye and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. I also played Wii Sports and my arms are pathetically fatigued, so I must retire. Happy Monday!