Happy Days

Ok, time for a happy entry. This past week, I just got a little tired of being away from the States and family and friends. I watched You've Got Mail three times to give you an idea of my dire straits. But then a series of good things happened.

1. I received a mixed cd from a friend at UCLA, combining the excitement of mail and new music all in one glorious yellow parcel.

2. I actually went climbing when other LSE climbers were there. Yes, I should've been making a greater effort to go when other people were going, but it takes some will power to drag myself climbing when class finished at 6PM Friday and work starts 9:30AM Saturday. Luckily, I had the will power this week and did my first lead climb (where you clip into the wall) to prepare for Sardinia. Afterwards we hit the pub and I rewarded my efforts with a pint of Kronenburg, my favorite beer here.

3. Jared's parents visited. More than just a complimentary dinner, I received a bit of the parental love that Jared couldn't absorb.

4. Work. I was exhausted today, but yesterday was fun somehow. For every asshole that claims prices are "puh-THET-ic" in that posh English accent, there's four or five customers that make you feel good about your day. And of course, my co-workers.

5. I read The Kite Runner and am possibly the last person on earth to finally read it. Anyways, I liked it a lot. I'm onto a new one called Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin which is good so far.

Alright. I'm going to a sold out concert tomorrow at the Institute of Contemporary Arts to see Noah & the Whale. Check them out.