Loving Things: Furni Creations

As most of you know, I'm a lover of things. I love bikes, watches, sneakers, sunglasses, etc. This is not to be confused with a love of brand names; I just love the aesthetics of things.

This is why I recently purchased the Farmer watch, a collaboration between Cool Hunting and Furni Creations. It caught my eye when it was spotlighted at Cool Hunting, one of my favorite blogs. So white, so crisp, so delicious. Since living in London, I've worn a watch everyday and have slowly accumulated a few. This was the perfect addition to my small collection. I slapped it on my wrist, set the time, and delighted in my time warp back to the 80s. A week later, I noticed it was running slow.

I sent an email to Furni owner Mike Giles, and he graciously offered to send me a replacement. Two weeks later, I'm delighting in my bright red Raised By Wolves watch.

I like to support independent designers like Furni, but even more, I like stellar customer service. This sounds like a cheap plug for Furni, but I'm just reveling in the fact that I was treated so well. Lesson learned: buy from companies you're passionate about. And if you're not passionate about companies, well, start getting fired up.

Disclaimer: I've worked part-time in retail for the past 4 years. And I love things.