Stalking Myself: Photo Finds

When I'm not stalking other people on the internet, I'm stalking myself. Just kidding. I just like to keep an eye out for what my internet persona is telling other people about me. So tonight, I decided to do a little snooping and look what I stumbled upon: Picture 17

Am I vain or am I vain? (Don't answer that.) In reality, this "serious" face is not indicative of my normal bike demeanor. I'm usually more jolly, or at least I hope. Regardless, it was very fun to discover these photos nine months after they were taken by Brendan Smialowski for Micheline Maynard's New York Times piece.  I took the liberty of posting my favorites below. It's not everyday that someone documents your journey to work.

Picture 20

Picture 19

jess bike4

jess bike5

Thanks to Brendan Smialowski for posting these. You can check out some more of his photojournalism work here.