Snowy DC

I woke up yesterday to a pretty blanket of snow outside and took this picture of the view from my front door. My neighborhood looked particularly quaint with the snow obscuring the shabbiness that inevitably characterizes a college neighborhood. Today, the scene is less picturesque. Snow is now "freezing rain," and there's a hard shell on the fallen powder that reminds me of the burnt sugar of crème brulée.

A brief recap of Inauguration Day: It was an incredibly cold day, and my feet were blocks of ice from standing but as many have said before me, it was moving to see so many Americans (and even foreigners) bearing the cold to witness history. Everyone was friendly and supportive of one another, joking about the weather and shaking strangers' hands after Obama was sworn in. People were silent during Pastor Rick Warren's speech, a respectful gesture considering the controversy surrounding his participation in inauguration. There were a lot of boos for Joe Lieberman and some jeers here and there for President Bush, but even the liberal crowd discouraged it. I've now been to two consecutive inaugurations, which is strange to think about. I certainly didn't plan this out.

Well, this was an exercise in procrastination for studying for a test on Baroque music tomorrow. More to come later this week. I'm seeing Lykke Li at Sixth & I Synagogue on Saturday night!