Recap: The Big 2-1

Continuing with the recap, I turned twenty-one a few weeks ago. Twenty-one... pretty much the last year to be excited about aging. Besides for the fact that twenty-one is a big deal, this is the first birthday I've actually "celebrated" in a while. Last year I was on a plane to Montana and the years before, I had small low-key dinners, etc.

This year's festivities were slightly more elaborate with a small dinner, a cake/beer get together, and an outing to the Tombs. This might sound weird, but to have a semi-large number of people gather in a room for my birthday was really touching. It just made me really happy to see people I like and who, presumably, like me back all gathered in one place. And it's not like we don't hang out in large groups at other times too; this scenario isn't overly unique. It's just that the visual of this gathering was easier to notice since it was a special occasion.

Jared, my travel pal from London, came down from NJ, and he bore gifts of port and Cuban cigars. Besides his visit, highlights of the day included Indian food at Aditi and of course Carvel Ice Cream Cake (always a coveted delicacy since moving to California). Mmm, good.

Now back to work, land of paper cuts and damaged cuticles thanks to all this filing. Blurgh.