Procrastination is Making a Cup of Tea

via girl in the green dress.

I have sort of been procrastinating on blogging. Is there such a thing? Procrastinating. On blogging? No, nevermind. Blogging is an instrument of procrastination.

Living in DC has so far been a non-traumatic transition from London, land of the no-schedule schedule. I'm currently working MWF and loving the freedom of my days off. Cramping my style are some unexpected bumps like lost mail and subsequent visits to the post office where I am then redirected to another post office, but I can't really complain.

Despite my easy work schedule, I feel mysteriously busy. This past weekend I watched the Eurocup Final at the Austrian Embassy, which provided free beer and food, with two housemates. We also went to the Crafty Bastards crafts fair in Silver Spring, MD, home of hand-sewn penis and vagina pincushions and other less eyebrow-raising jewelry and clothing.

I joined the local climbing gym and have been going once or twice a week, but I do miss the socialness of The Castle. The crowd is much younger than I'm used to, which is weird for me. I feel old? And possibly worse, the bouldering routes are all hard. I suppose I'll just get better by trying the easier ones over and over again until I get them? Atrophied muscles, be damned! At least tennis is less demoralizing.

Another thing keeping me busy is my summer radio show, Touch My Clickwheel. The first show recorded successfully and we posted it at the TMC blog with pretty good reception. Technical issues ruined the second attempt, which really had me irritated, but hopefully I'll figure out a solution before tonight's show. I'm perhaps too invested in preserving the memories of my college years.

I'll end my epic post here, but look for more posts in the next few days. I'll try to post some pictures of my amazing house soon. Until then... take care.