My Friend, 5AM

Here I am awake at 5AM on this Saturday morning. Unlike the past 4 weeks, I did not screech into normal person schedule after work last night. Instead, I went about business as usual. I hung out a bit after work, went to sleep when I was tired, and woke up when I felt rested (aka overslept my alarm). Unfortunately, that was at noon and 9PM, respectively. 5AM is an exciting hour during weekdays. Morning Edition goes live then, and it's a little bit of a sprint to the finish. But today, 5AM is desolate and silent. There is no good TV on and even the internet is a sleepy place -- been there, read that.

I could do productive things, like pick up my room, check off some writing to-do's, or finish I Capture The Castle, but... I won't put too much pressure on myself.

Here's to hoping daylight comes and with it, sleepiness. Happy weekend.