More Employed

After writing my previous post on underemployment, I feel obligated to inform readers of my recent good fortune: I'm happy to report that I am now more employed, though still by definition underemployed. Strangely enough, an email just like the one I had been hoping for showed up in my inbox. I'm bursting at the seams with happiness, only confirming that the journey to the present has been worth it. Let's not attribute all of my happiness to this one occurrence; after all, it is temporary. I also love being a real person in the real world. I love living in DC. I love grocery shopping and cooking. And I love my big queen mattress/boxspring that sits on the floor of my subletted room.

Perhaps The Zombie's "This Will Be Our Year" sums it up best. It's bouncy, hopeful, and sugary sweet. This can be a sort of anthem for the year, perhaps. Enjoy.