Live Simply

Last night a mouse scurried across the floor of my room. This afternoon hot water was gushing uncontrollably from the bathtub faucet. Tonight my house has no running water (UPDATE: partially fixed).

As you can see, things keep looking up.

That was sarcasm.

In my last post, I claimed to avoid soliciting pity in my posts. It might seem like I'm retreating from my words, but I'm just trying to be honest and accurate.

Is it all worth it? I hope so. I am head over heels in love with work but have consciously avoided discussing what I do on the blog, because I fear that it will limit other opportunities should I have to put my dreams on hold. Will someone hire me to do X if they know I'd rather do Y? In this economy, I'm not so sure. The point is, I've found that thing that makes me excited to wake up everyday, and I can't just let it go for a little bit of security and health insurance. That's why I endure the mice, the house problems, and not knowing what my life will look like in a month from now.

I still dream of having my own crappy apartment, my own two-year contract, and a normal weekend. I'd prefer to have some health insurance. But right now, I'm living on good friends, free books, love of talk radio, and lots of rice. Live simply! Or so my t-shirt says...