i.e.: NPR in other words

gitnerToday we premiered "i.e.: NPR in other words," an entirely intern-produced multimedia presentation.  I put in a lot of work, but a few others put in even more and I'm proud to be part of the extremely talented team that pulled it all off. More reflection on that later.

In the mean time, I urge you to check out the show at www.npr.org/internedition/fall09.

My story "Men of Craft" can be seen, and heard, here.

If you don't have 30 minutes to spare, cruise on through to individual stories and bios.  The whole page should be a visual treat!

Finally, keep an eye out for new Gitnerblog posts in the near future.  My time is mine again soon... well, more than before, and I'll be returning to the blogosphere.

Thanks for reading as always.