Complainer: St. Louisans and Parking

St. Louisans park wherever the hell they want. Exhibit A: Lindell Blvd. in St. Louis.

You can't tell from this Google Street view screenshot, but Lindell Blvd. is a busy east-west route, running along the northern part of Forest Park. Although the speed limit is 30 mph (I think), drivers tend to go much faster since this part of Lindell looks and feels like a highway.

Who cares?! It's also a convenient and easy place to park! (See that small SUV on the left?) I'm led to believe it's actually legal to park here on weekends. But being funemployed as I am, I routinely see people park there on weekdays so they can make their very own convenient entrance into Forest Park.

Try harder, St. Louisans.

Exhibit B: Parking near stop signs.

Ok, fine. I don't have an actual exhibit. I do, however, have an anecdote. I was driving on Morganford Road in Tower Grove South area. I had never been there before, so I was pleasantly surprised to see coffee shops, restaurants and a bike store -- really cute street. I was thoroughly enjoying myself behind the wheel when *HONK HONK*.

Again, what the f*ck?

Hmm. There's a stop sign on his side, a stop sign across the street, a stop sign to my left and, on my side...  a semi-truck parked at the corner. It had entirely obscured my stop sign, which I only saw in my rearview. I guess they make that law about not parking near stop signs for a reason? Ah, f*ck. I wanted to yell at that guy who honked, "Hey asshole! I'm not the asshole. The truck driver is!" Alas, a road rage fantasy unrealized.

Yes, this is a pathetic, complain-y post. But in the absence of real human contact, I'm dwelling. I don't miss driving in DC (when I was fortunate enough to borrow a car, that is), but I DO have a new appreciation for common-sense parking.

St. Louisans, you have it pretty great. You have the amenities of a city, AND it's pretty easy to drive and park wherever you want. Please take the two extra minutes to find a better (and safer) parking space.

Rant over.