Christmas Break

I am nearing real personhood. I opened my own bank account and started a mobile phone contract all by myself (but with some parental consultation). Those small accomplishments make me feel like I can survive out here by myself.

I'm not sure who knows this, but I'll be staying in the UK over Christmas break doing... something. Most people have had really surprised reactions to this seeming sentence of loneliness and homesickness. Don't worry, everyone. I'll be fine. I'm working 20 hours a week now and it may increase to 40 over the term break, which will keep me busy. I am still considering going on the climbing trip to Morocco, although I'm not sure if my skill level is up to par yet. Also, I'm up for some winter exploring.

Ok, once again, I'm blogging on my lunch break. I have to go now. So perhaps a more thorough recap later.