Bike To The Beat at NPR Music


As many of you know, I commute by bike in the lovely city of Washington, DC. I've been interviewed by The New York Times on why I ride my bike (both love, convenience, and necessity). I ride in rain or shine, through the pollen season and during cold winters.

In celebration, I've compiled a list of songs for the Sweatin' To NPR workout series at NPR Music. It's called Bike To The Beat: Songs For The Urban Cyclist. Check it out if you're a cyclist or even just to hear the songs, my favorite at the moment.

Note: I will inevitably face criticism about "encouraging" cyclists to wear headphones while riding, and even including a photo (seen above) of a cyclist without a helmet. To this, I emphasize the importance of experiencing your full environment while riding in the city (or anywhere, for that matter). Your ears can be just as important as your eyes in protecting yourself. However, I do not discourage a friendly bike radio or .mp3 player, as such is in the budget for a bike commuter. As for that photo? Well, my argument is that photo is the most aesthetically pleasing one I found. And recognizing we are logical humans who can see a beautiful photo and appreciate it for what it is, I encourage you to wear a helmet.

Thanks for reading.