A Day in the Life of a Vampire: Pt. 2

Another defense of not writing in Gitnerblog. This is more like the typical day in the life as of late. Amos in the bath8:00-8:30AM - Arrive home. Play with dog, talk with roommates.

8:45 - Eat.

9:30 - Shower. Catch up on internet. Play guitar.

10:30 - Read. (Also, obsess over some work email that is probably meaningless anyway.)

11:00 - Sleep.

2:00PM - Stumble into the light to take the dog out. Depending on guilt/generosity, take dog to the dog park.

2:30 - Bathe dirty dog.

3:00 - Eat a burrito and/or a bowl of ice cream.

4:00 - Take out over-hydrated dog to pee.

4:15 - Try to go back to sleep.

5:00 - Beg for sleep. Give up and read.

6:00 - Succumb to sleep.

10:30 - Wake up, head for the coffee.

11:15 - Roll out.

...more or less. Repeat.

Clearly, I'm still working out the kinks on this one. But I love the little man, and for now, it's ok. To bed now to start it up again.