A Day in the Life of a Vampire

In an attempt to defend my non-writing in Gitnerblog, here is an example of a typical day in the life. mont blanc from the franco swiss border8:00-8:30AM - Arrive home. Play with dog, talk with roommates.

8:45 - Eat.

9:30 - Shower? Maybe. Catch up on internet.

10:30 - Send emails. Write? Play music? Listen to music? Any work-related writing trumps everything else, hence the sad state of the Gitnerblog. (And my progressively escalating guilt for not writing for Autostraddle.)

11:30 - Read Wall Street Journal (it's a new thing) and/or book.

12:30-2:00PM - Go to sleep.

8:30 - Wake up. Catch up on email and the day's news. Sometimes, I sleep until 10:30, which eliminates my precious "sitting" and catch-up time.

9:30 - Make coffee.

10:00 - Drink coffee. Sit.

11:00 - Sit some more.

11:30PM - 7:30AM - Work.

...and repeat.

Now, if there is a social event or concert thrown into the mix, I take a sleeping pill (may I pause to give a shout-out to Unisom?), forgo my morning time, and try to go to sleep as early as I can. But my productivity in other areas (reading, writing, 'rithmetic [ok, not the last one]) plummets. Thus, I have a blog here that is neglected for weeks at a time.

Some still don't quite get what my schedule means. For instance, my brother sent me a check in January and occasionally writes me semi-aggressive text messages. "Really? You haven't cashed the check?" "I will, I will," I say. "Haven't had the chance." I doubt he believes me, but I mean it. If you require my presence between the hours of 9AM and 5PM, even if you want to give me money, you're in for a multi-month wait.

It's now 10:57AM. In just over 7 hours, I'm heading out to a Kaki King concert. Only for you, Kaki. Only for you.

Kaki King's Guitars for 2011 Solo Acoustic Tour